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A Virtual Community for
College Students & Recent Grads


Whether you're just heading off to college or planning your grand escape, on academic probation or in the honors college, graduating soon or still figuring it out... we've got your back!

Make Sense of College

Discover new ideas & approaches to help you choose an academic path and sharpen skills to perform well in college.

Master the Process

Learn the hidden curriculum you must navigate, to graduate! Our down-to-earth strategies will help you gain balance when the semester is out of control.

Develop + Grow

Figuring out your next steps can be confusing. Get guidance and clarity to feel confident you are moving in the right direction for your life!

Why College UnScripted?


Connect with other students in our unique online groups. Great for support, networking, getting new ideas and inspiration. Expand your circle and get past feeling like you are doing college alone.


Join our online courses, live webinar events, guided group activities, and discussions. No matter what college or university you attend, easily access our content on any computer, tablet, or smartphone on-the-go!


Individual and group coaching can quickly boost your progress toward an important goal. Get structure, accountability, develop new skills, gain clarity and stay motivated.

Meet Your Guide





What My Students Say

"His passion and professionalism is unmatched. He's a game changer and has the blueprint. I'm forever indebted to him, but at the same time, I know I have a friend for life. "

David C.

"He made sure we succeeded, but not in the way where we were just doing it to do it, but enjoy doing what we were doing. He proved that going through all these college courses could be fun and interesting and that there are professors out there who will support you throughout your studies."

Tiffany C.

"I would highly recommend Dr. James as he makes you feel like you belong and believe in yourself. I have never met a professor or teacher with his warmth. "

Ryan L.



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