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Three Ways We Improve Your College Experience

Make Sense Out of College

Our programs are designed to help you understand how college operates, how to find your path, and learn step-by-step what it means to perform at the college-level.


Build New Skills & Strategies

We teach evidence-based metacognitive learning strategies, that can work for anyone who practices them, as well as our signature UnScripted skills that will help you do it your way.


Personal Development

Grow and develop into the person you want to be. Our programs can help you integrate your academic learning with the parts of your life that matter most to you.

Virtual College Support

Serving Students:

High School

College (2 & 4 Year)

Graduate School

Online Programs

Academic Success:

Prepare for College

Gain Clarity & Direction

Connect with Interests

Get Off Academic Probation

Learn the Process:

Navigate the College Process

Transition into Adulthood

Create a Roadmap for College & Life

Get Through Grad School

Ready for Bootcamp?


Want to know what it REALLY means to produce college-level work?

Learn the UnComplicated Guide to doing college and start getting better results. In 30 days, you can develop a college mindset, build fail-proof strategies, and learn the tools you'll need to get the work done.

Bootcamp Starts January 15th!

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What Students Say

You could be NEXT...

David C.

His passion and professionalism is unmatched. He's a game changer and has the blueprint. I'm forever indebted to him, but at the same time, I know I have a friend for life.

Tiffany C.

He made sure we succeeded, but not in the way where we were just doing it to do it, but enjoy doing what we were doing. He proved that going through all these college courses could be fun and interesting and that there are professors out there who will support you throughout your studies.

Ryan L.

I would highly recommend Dr. James as he makes you feel like you belong and believe in yourself. I have never met a professor or teacher with his warmth.  

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Why College UnScripted?

Courses & Workshops

We interact with students through online video courses, live webinars, guided activities, and discussions. Our content works perfectly on mobile devices and comes with 24/7 access.


Learning Community

We encourage community building with other students in our programs. Having a support network is a major PLUS because of the connections you can make with students from all over the country.


Individual and Group Coaching programs are great ways to get personalized guidance as you work toward a specific goal. Coaching also provides more structure to help keep you on track.


3 Academic Myths to Avoid (and what to do, instead)



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